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Well Child Visits

Many parents view well-child visits as a time for scheduled vaccinations and to see how much your child has grown in the past few months. And although immunizations are a big part of the preventive care visit, our pediatricians also evaluate your child’s development, behavior and general well-being.

We also address safety in the home and at the playground, optimal nutrition, toilet training, and environmental concerns such as lead paint exposure, for example.

During these visits, we encourage parents to ask questions that normally can’t be addressed during a sick visit. For instance, our physicians also discuss common concerns with parents such as eating, sleeping, toilet training, social behaviors, as well as attention and learning problems.

Having regular well-child visits with your child’s doctor and raising the concerns that matter most to you are key ingredients in helping the doctor know you and your child, thus forming a reliable and trustworthy relationship.

Please see the following document for an explanation of screenings and insurance coverage for wellness visits: Wellness Visit Letter of Explanation

Schedule of Visits

2-5 Day Visit
2 Week Visit
1 Month Visit
2 Month Visit
4 Month Visit
6 Month Visit
9 Month Visit
12 Month Visit
15 Month Visit
18 Month Visit
24 Month Visit
2 1/2 Year Visit
3 Year Visit
4 Year Visit
5 Year Visit
6 Year Visit
7 Year Visit
8 Year Visit
9 Year Visit
10 Year Visit
11 Year Visit
12 Year Visit
13 Year Visit
14 Year Visit
15 Year Visit
16 Year Visit
17 Year Visit
18 Year Visit and Beyond...